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Friends, it is time to choose a new leader for our local Party. It is a serious position with the responsibility for vetting candidates, building Party support, and leading the Party ticket during elections. This leader will preside over the next presidential election in 2020.


I will be posting statements from those who are seriously seeking the post and I encourage you to contact them and find out what their plan is for the coming 2 years.




 Candidates For Chairman



My Name is Randy Pace and I would like the opportunity to serve as the Knox County Republican Party Chairman.

My family roots in Tennessee go back to the pre-civil war days in the small West Tennessee town of Newbern Tennessee (no I am not that old), a small farming community outside of Dyersburg. It was there that I first registered to vote. It was also there that I was encouraged by my father and my love of God and country to do what members have done in my family since our country’s founding. I enlisted in the military.

I am a Retired USN Chief Petty Officer with 24 years of service. I specialized in Engineering, Damage Control Training and Financial Management. I was awarded 3 Navy Commendation Medals, 4 Navy Achievement Medals, 2 Meritorious Unit Medals, 6 Good Conduct Medals, 2 Navy “E” Ribbons, 2 Armed Forces Service Medals, The Southwest Asia Service Medal and Kuwaiti Liberation Medal, Navy Rifleman and Pistol Marksmanship Ribbons, 4 Sea Service Deployment Ribbons, and Navy Surface Warfare Specialist Designation.

I have lived in several states, Illinois, Florida, Maryland, Virginia (twice), California and New Jersey. Upon retirement from the military in 2003 I moved to Medford New Jersey.

Having been elected to public office twice serving as Mayor and Councilman I have a unique perspective on politics and the actual function and role of government.

I am the President of the Fountain City Republican Club, Secretary and Delegate for Precinct 65E and a member in good standing of 10 other Republican Clubs in Knox County. Over the past four years I have been steadfast in my commitment to the Tennessee and Knox County Republican Party.

I have served as President of two Homeowners Associations was a Coordinator for The Yellow Ribbon Club a Veterans Organization, Cub Scout and Boy Scout Leader, Coached Youth Sporting Programs, Honorary Lifetime member of the Rotary Club. I am a resolute and dedicated “Volunteer”.

As a retiree I have unlimited time and energy to devote to making the Knox County GOP the very best it can be and would sincerely appreciate your support. With your support we can make Knox County Republican Party the model for what Tennessee Republicans should expect from their party. I want to empower each of you to use your talent and abilities to affect positive change and grow this organization.

I believe that with current technology, strong communications and a strategic plan, in addition to the wealth of talent we have as a county we can build a stronger party. We must bridge the gap between young conservatives looking to have a positive impact and the wisdom of those of you who have been in the trenches for years. By establishing the following standing sub-committees in support of the County Executive Committee we can secure the positive and conservative political future of not only Knox County, but the City of Knoxville as well.

• Membership and Participation Subcommittee

• Fundraising Subcommittee

• Candidates Subcommittee

• Communications Subcommittee

Knox County and State Republicans continue to hold majorities in local county offices and federal offices. We continue to hold the Office of the Governor We have made no gains in City Offices and lost one state office. An analysis at the precinct level of the last two General and two primary elections indicate that at the precinct level we are losing ground.

Regular and effective communication from not only the Chairman, but from all concerned is imperative. Achievable goals set and monitored will move us towards success.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please do not hesitate to contact me personally. 609-760-5394, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.











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