Your 2020 Republican Candidates


Candidates for National Offices

 US President: Donald J Trump

US Vice-President: Michael R. Pence

US House of Representatives, District 2: Tim Burchett

 US Senate: candidate's name will be posted after the August 6th primary

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Candidates for State Offices

TN State Senate, District 6: Becky Duncan Massey

TN State Rep., District 13: Elaine Davis

TN State Rep., District 14: Jason Zachary

TN State Rep., District 16: Patti Lou Bounds

TN State Rep., District 16: Michele Carringer

TN State Rep., District 18: Gina Oster

TN State Rep., District 19: Dave Wright

TN State Rep., District 89: Justin Lafferty

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Candidates for Knox County Offices

Criminal Court Judge, Division II: Kyle Hixson

Public Defender: Eric Lutton

Knox County Commission District 2: Grant Rosenberg

Knox County Commission District 4: Kyle Ward

Knox County Commission District 5: John Schoonmaker

Knox County Commission District 6: Terry Hill

Knox County Commission District 8: Richie Beeler

Knox County Commission District 9: Carson Dailey

Assessor of Property: John R. Whitehead

Knox County Law Director: David Buuck

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